The Value of Investing in Experience

Why Expertise Matters
June 11, 2019
Greatest Benefit of Someone Else’s Expertise
June 25, 2019

Investing in Experience can save time, money, and even lives. Despite my wife and I’s experience as parents of six – four boys and two tomboys ranging from 28 to 15 – we have learned we can’t do it all on our own.

At different times, we thought we had it all together. Yet, more often than not, we didn’t (just keeping it real here!) Fortunately, we have been honest enough with ourselves to admit when we don’t have all the answers.

As many parents do, we have dealt with some particularly difficult circumstances on various levels of intensity, depth and duration, spanning an incredibly wide gamut. The point isn’t to compare our experience with anyone else’s, but simply to indicate that, at various times, despite our experience as parents, we have had to invest in the experience and expertise of others to help.

One circumstance in particular stands out. One of our boys was experiencing things that we hadn’t seen before. As the father, I tried to manage it best as I could, but his energy levels, his highs and lows were of such an extreme magnitude as to be almost indescribable.  My wife and I knew this required some advanced help. We searched until we found the right treatment, which required a 30 mile trip through rush hour traffic, twice per week. But it ultimately led to a path where, after years of expert help, he has been able to stabilize his moods, and we have learned coping skills for both he and us.

Could we have gotten through this on our own?  It depends on how we define “get through it.”  At the very least, it would have taken longer and been more painful, and there is a high likelihood we would have had a permanent, damaging result.

For some of us, it’s hard to admit when we need help, maybe we are afraid we will lose face, or we think we can do it. Or we may know we need help, but we have trouble identifying the right kind; so we end up going it alone, or we bring in someone who hasn’t done it before, thinking that success in other areas translates to our particular need.  Imagine your loved one needs brain surgery. Would you “glove up”, grab the scalpel and start?  Would you choose a surgeon who was proficient at repairing broken bones? Or would you pick the skilled, experienced brain surgeon standing just outside the room telling you they were willing and able?  The answer is obvious, and it’s the one we would all invest in.

Investing in the right experience will reap the benefits of saved time – the commodity that can’t be purchased – and less cost in the long run.  Not to mention the results we seek!

TYPE “YES”  in the comments below if investing in expertise ever saved you time, money, headache and/or frustration!

~ Aaron Schlenz

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