Why Expertise Matters

Value of Experience
June 3, 2019
The Value of Investing in Experience
June 18, 2019

Came across this interesting article on “Why Expertise Matters.”  While it touches on the social and political, it is a pretty even-handed piece that appears safe to share.

The point isn’t the political or social consequences it discusses. What hits home is the author’s comment that simply making a statement can quickly qualify one as an expert. In my mind, it has diluted the value of the word “expert”, and, in turn, diminishes the importance of utilizing “true” expertise; i.e. making investments in people that have the objective perspective, the right experience and the necessary aptitude to help you succeed.

You can’t buy time – it’s the one commodity that everyone has in equal abundance – but you can buy experience. True, there is a cost. But by utilizing the right resources, one saves time in the short run, and money in the long run. “Spend a dime to save a dollar” might be the motto here! Buy the right experience when and where you can, and then time becomes your ally, not your enemy.

Leave a reply below: Investing money in experience saves time, the one commodity we can’t make more of. When has investing in experience saved you time (and money)?


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